Supra THC Services was formed as a spin-off from Supra Reseach and Development to offer research, analytical, and development services to the cannabis industry. In April 2017, Supra THC Services was acquired by Valens GroWorks Corporation (CNSX:VGW) and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Our Team

Dr. Rob O'Brien, Ph.D., CEO and CSO, was a professor in Analytical Chemistry for over 13 years and has more than 25 years of experience in analytical chemistry. An expert in analytical instrumentation, he has set up a number of advanced analytical laboratories and has held an executive position in a number of commercial enterprises. Dr. O'Brien possesses a track record of successful commercialization of intellectual property developed from academic research. During his academic career, Dr. O'Brien secured over 3 million dollars in research grants and has developed an extensive network of research collaborators.

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Ryan Hayward, B.Sc., P.Chem., Quality Manager, has more than 7 years experience within commercial, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory settings. He previously worked in an environmental laboratory as a coordinator for their inorganic department where he was responsible for department oversight as well as improvement of pre-existing methods and validation and deployment of new protocols. He has previous experience as a member of a QMS commitee and has undertaken further training to be an ISO 17025 compliant internal auditor.

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Katelyn Thiessen, B.Sc., Analytical Chemist has joined Supra full time after working since May 2015 as a Summer Research Assistant funded through two Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Experience Awards. Katelyn has gained hands-on experience with the analytical instrumentation at Supra, as well as research experience. Her previous summer research focused on chemical fingerprinting and chemometrics.

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Seamus Riordan-Short, B.Sc., Analytical Chemist, has been at Supra since 2014, developing analytical chemistry skills and working on several different projects. In the summers of 2015 and 2016, Seamus was funded through NSERC, developing chiral analysis techniques for authentication of essential oils, and optimizing CO2 and solventless edible oil extractions. He is currently focused on cannabis-specific method and hardware development and validation.

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Cascade Tong, B.Sc., Analytical Chemist, is the newest member of the Supra team since joining in April 2018. She has previously worked in a variety of laboratory settings, including chemistry, toxicology, and microbiology labs. Her experience includes method development, research projects, internal quality control, and data analysis.

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